ADARx Pharmaceuticals


Our mission is to turn cutting-edge science into life-saving therapeutics

To achieve our mission, we are committed to building an innovative, values-driven organization focused on our people, the advancement of our efficient drug platform and the creation of a deep pipeline of therapeutics to address intractable diseases. 

Research Focus

The Platform and
Disease Areas


The Platform that ADARx is developing

ADARx is developing a modality agnostic RNA targeting platform, including oligonucleotides for inhibition, degradation and editing, together with novel oligonucleotide delivery technologies.


Disease areas that ADARx is targeting

ADARx is currently focused on diseases in three therapeutic areas: genetic diseases, cardiometabolic diseases, and central nervous system (CNS) diseases.


Future Research Focus

With RNA as the target of our drug discovery, we are capable of working on a wide range of diseases and will continue to add additional disease targets to our pipeline in areas of unmet medical need.

ADARx brings hope for people with intractable disease

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